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Energenie MiHome

What is Mi|Home?

Mi|Home allows you to control your heating and home appliances from anywhere in the world using the exclusive Mi|Home app.
The app links with Smart Mi|Home adapters and valves that attach to your home appliances and radiators, so you can:

  1. Track energy use accurately, including cost.
  2. Create settings for individual rooms and appliances to save energy.
  3. Set your appliances to come on at a specified time.
  4. Set your appliances and heating to react to external conditions like the weather and your location.


Starter Packs:

Switches & Adapters:

Sensors & Monitors:

App Features

Mi|Home App:

The Mi|Home app works with Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices.
The adapters and valves you connect to the appliances and radiators in your home are controlled by this app.
Key features:

  1. - Monitor energy use.
  2. - Control home heating and appliances from anywhere.
  3. - Set timers for individual products or groups of products.
  4. - Operate the Geofencing and IFTTT functions


By enabling Geofencing, your home heating system will react to your location.

For example, if you come within a specified distance of your home, your heating will automatically turn on in time for your return.


IFTTT stands for: If This Then That. This is where you can choose certain external conditions to trigger responses from your home heating system and appliances.

For example, if the weather outside drops, the radiator valve sensor will detect the change and turn up the heating accordingly.