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Fumagalli Garden Lights

Top Selling Products


(1) Metal pole structure

Fortified by a structural metal pole that’s also been galvanised inside and outside by zinc bath immersion for extra reinforcement.

(2) Protected exterior

The high density and rigid polyurethane interior works in cohesion with the inner metal post and outer resin cover to resist damage from weather-inflicted expansion.

(3) Resin material

  • Shockproof and rust and corrosion-free
  • Stabilised against UV rays
  • Made from fire-proof materials
  • Lightweight design – easily transportable
  • Double insulated



Will not deteriorate when exposed to saline or polluted environments. Comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.

No maintenance:

No need for touch-ups or new licks of paint as the colour of the product is in the paste of the material.

Double installation:

Twice the protection and safety (class II)

UV-ray resistant:

Weatherproof and protected against UV-rays, which is perfect for hot and cold climates.

Protected against fertilisers and agents:

Won’t deteriorate even when subjected to corrosive or polluted agents.

Different combinations:

Thanks to fully interchangeable designs, you can mix and match the Fumagalli range to create your desired look.